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A Brief History
Camp Wyandot, Inc. was founded as a Camp Fire Council in 1913. In 1928, the council became an Ohio nonprofit corporation and purchased Camp Wyandot in the Hocking Hills. As of April 30, 2013, Camp Wyandot, Inc. became an independent organization and is no longer affiliated with Camp Fire. Today, Camp Wyandot serves boys and girls with summer day and overnight camps and our Wyandot Explorers Club program.
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What is Overnight Camp Like?

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Summer Camp Activities

Campers have a variety of fun, friendship building outdoor activities from which to choose. There are enough activities to satisfy EVERY camper throughout the week!


Campers 4th grade and older have the opportunity to be taught by our counselors who are certified archers trained by professionals from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


All water activities are supervised by certified Lifeguards. Campers learn canoe safety and how to paddle and steer a canoe on our peaceful and calm Lake Atagahi.  Kayaks are also available for older campers.

Catch-and-Release Fishing

Campers will learn the basics of fishing! How to tie a hook onto fishing line, how to bait a hook, how to cast a line, reel in a fish and remove a fish from the hook. Lake Atagahi is stocked with Large-mouth Bass, Bluegill, Sunfish, Catfish and our giant resident Coy that is “uncatchable!”


Field Games

Soccer, flag football, tether-ball, running games, and everyone’s favorite, the “GaGa Pit.”

Evening Activities

Each evening is special and includes traditional activities as well as theme nights chosen by the campers, cabins or units such as a challenging scavenger hunt or an evening with a special guest. Astronomy, owling and batting are favorite dusk or nighttime activities.

On the first night cabin or unit groups gather on the flats for an opening campfire to meet all the staff, sing and learn about the experience they are going to have together while at Camp Wyandot.

Wyandot Live

An evening of hammin’ it up to express creativity on Camp Wyandot’s version of a stage – Campers, counselors and staff have the opportunity to show off individual talents or write a skit with their cabin mates and perform their show for everyone.

Council Fire

On the final evening of each session all cabin/unit groups line up and answer the call of Wyandot and walk up to the council ring.   Each cabin/unit has the opportunity to share a skit, poem, or song telling what they’ve done during the week.  Camper awards earned during the week are presented. The evening ends with a serenade by the staff from the bridge as campers sit quietly along the bank of Lake Atagahi.

Aquatics Program

Supervised by certified Lifeguards campers begin with a swim test on the first day of camp and are classified into a skill level for shallow or deep water. Counselors and aquatic staff are available to help campers inprove their swimming skills or just have fun in an open swim with their friends. On Friday afternoons campers are invited to a special pool party.


Arts and Crafts

Arts and CraftsCampers express themselves through arts and crafts and learn a variety of media to be creative, innovative and use their imagination to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings.  Through the process of visual communication, development of fine motor skills and even social skills, campers recognize and acknowledge each other’s  skills and talents.

Wyandot Specialized Teen Sessions

Rover Two Night Backpack Trip – During this regular 6 ½ day resident camp campers will plan and prepare to backpack to two different overnight campsites. They will earn their Rover patch by
planning their meals to be self contained, learn to pack a backpack, learn the outdoor
skills needed to hike and stay on a two night trip. While in camp they will participate in
all the regular camp activities. Backpacks with internal frames are furnished unless the
camper already has their own pack.

Voyager Three Night Backpack Trip – In this ten day session campers will plan for and take a 3 night canoe
trip on the Hocking River and complete their Voyager, the highest level for Outdoor
Living Skills. Participants must be able to pass a deep water swimming test and have experience canoeing. They will have extra days to practice and improve their skills for river
canoeing, plan and pack meals and supplies for a self contained trip, take a paddle
break to hike up to a natural rock bridge and participate in all the regular camp activities.

Other Activities Include:

ALL CAMP EVENT –  The entire camp participates in a coordinated effort to complete an activity or activities with their cabin mates.

POLAR BEAR SWIM – Cabin units wake up early in the morning and go for a quick jump in the pool when the water is warmer than the air. The best wake up call ever!

MORNING MILE – Campers get a glimpse into the ins-and-outs of running. Campers meet in the parking area and learn proper runners stretches before running, jogging, or walking to the entrance gate of Camp and back.