A Brief History
Camp Wyandot, Inc. was founded as a Camp Fire Council in 1913. In 1928, the council became an Ohio nonprofit corporation and purchased Camp Wyandot in the Hocking Hills. As of April 30, 2013, Camp Wyandot, Inc. became an independent organization and is no longer affiliated with Camp Fire. Today, Camp Wyandot serves boys and girls with summer day and overnight camps and our Wyandot Explorers Club program.
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2 Responses to “Events”

  • Jennifer Fullin:

    The Wyandot Overnight Camp Open House is listed on the calendar for Sunday , April 19, but is described in News blogs as being on Sunday, May 3. Which is correct?

  • Sara Schaefer:

    The open house at Camp Wyandot (for overnight camp) will be on Sunday, May 3, 2015. We will update the calendar! Thanks for the heads up!

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