2021 Annual Meeting: Volunteer Awards

2021 Annual Meeting
January 11, 2022
Camp Registration is OPEN!!
January 28, 2022
2021 Annual Meeting
January 11, 2022
Camp Registration is OPEN!!
January 28, 2022

On January 27, 2022, Camp Wyandot held our 2021 Annual Meeting via Zoom.  Seven volunteers were recognized for their outstanding support and service.  The awardees are:

Sky (Program): This award is light blue. The sky reaches across all. The recipient of this award consistently demonstrates significant involvement with Wyandot programs. Their volunteer effort goes above and beyond that which is expected

Brynn Schaefer

Brynn has consistently helped Camp Wyandot, Inc. in many ways. She has lent her expertise and experience with technology to help make video presentations. She has also helped make our virtual meetings run smoothly. She volunteers her time for the luncheon committee and provides helpful feedback and support. The organization is appreciative of all that Brynn does behind the scenes for us!

Marie Trudeau

Marie volunteers several weeks each summer in the craft program helping the campers design their special craft and with crafts on theme night.  Prior to Camp, Marie helped prepare the kitchen to make it clean and ready for summer use. She also helped with the office move. Marie happily does whatever is asked of her to make the program work.

Earth (Financial): This award is brown. Brown represents the earth and the bedrock that supports everything else. The recipient of this award is a person who has contributed to the overall financial wellbeing of the organization. Either through personal contributions, fundraising efforts, or any other significant financial contribution to the organization

Nikki Spretnak. Nikki not only makes individual contributions, but she cultivates donors and sets an example to others on how to encourage donations. Her tireless effort cultivating the relationship with the clines resulted in partnership that will allow Wyandot access to the Salt Peter and other aspects of the cline land for generations.


Hemlock (Camp): This award is green. This represents strength, deep roots, and life. The recipient of this award volunteer efforts have ensured the continued success of the day and/or resident camp programs.

Cathy Nichols

For the past 2 1/2 Cathy has been gathering our history. Going through our documents in the office, at the Ohio History Connection and the library. The following is from her email to several of us on 1/8/21. I don’t know what category she fits in, but it is so important to do this and so hard to find someone as dedicated as Cathy, I think she should be honored

Cathy has been a camper, CIT, Counselor, Finance Manager, and Camp Director at Camp Wyandot. She has flown out from Seattle to do work weekends the last few years. She has been working the last year and still continues to work on the history book about the of 100 years of Camp Wyandot! Many hours of research has gone into the creation of this book. Cathy also is sharing her experience and love for Wyandot by sending her grandnieces, and grandnephews to camp! As the youngest is two years old, there will be many more years for the grandkids to enjoy and love Camp Wyandot

David Hohl

David was instrumental in helping in the kitchen 3 days a week for several weeks. Without a full-time cook, David provided much needed support to ensure that the meals were prepared, tasty, and done on time. He also helped with the clean up which included washing all the pots and pans.


Jeannette Stone

Along with other volunteers, Jeannette helped prepare and cook the Sunday dinner at Camp Wyandot. She also helped with the clean up. Without her help, I’m not sure how the Sunday dinner would have been prepared. Making pizzas for over 100 campers and staff is not an easy job!


Jennifer Fullin

Jenny, along with other volunteers, helped with food preparation and cooking of Wyandot’s Sunday dinner. Jenny also made sure that the salad was prepare and we had enough for all the campers. In addition, Jenny took our cardboard to be recycled.


Water (Organization): This award is dark blue. Blue represents the water that flows throughout everything and ensures the success of the other aspects. The recipient of this award contributes through committees, office support, above and beyond Board service, or other organizational support.

Nancy Simmons

Nancy has taught crafts at alumni weekends and pre-camp trainings for the last 5 years, and has made hundreds of craft kits for campers.  Nancy was instrumental in coordination and design for the Plein Air Adult Watercolor Session, which has now completed its 4th successful year


Alice Foeller

Alice has held multiple positions within the organization, both in committees and on the board. During her tenure on the board resulted in an update to the bylaws, a new strategic development plan, and a restructuring of the board to create diversity of both camp and non-camp individuals.

She has actively contributed at the camp level, as well, which has included bringing her children on-site to help.

She continues to contribute after her board service through providing guidance and direction to the board, assisting with technology, and continuing to make contributions of time, talent, and treasure.

Congratulations to our volunteers, and many thanks for your generosity of time and support!

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