• Charlotte Owens Burrows
    Camp Wyandot. My experiences there, the friendships there, are highlights of my life. I live in Denver, CO. I still miss Columbus and lifelong friends there. Thanks for the newsletters.
    Charlotte Owens Burrows
  • Haley Slone
    Just picked up my son (10) from his first year at Camp Wyandot and he had a BLAST--even with COVID-19 precautions! We will be sending him every year, and sending his sister, too when she is old enough! He was super excited to tell us all about camp, and he really loved his counselors and made friends. He had an awesome experience and already can't wait to return next year!
    Haley Slone
  • Tamara Wawrosch
    Camp Wyandot has been a place of refuge, community & friendship for many years. Campership scholarships are provided for many children who would not have had the opportunity to be in nature otherwise. It's a blessing.
    Tamara Wawrosch
  • Tiffany Saylor
    Best place ever, shaped my childhood! Highly recommend for any child!
    Tiffany Saylor
  • Lina Taylor
    Camp Wyandot is more than a summer camp location. It's an accepting, inviting, and fun place that brings people together. Children and adults are celebrated for their individuality while learning to work together. Activities such as archery, swimming, boating, and hiking give children the opportunity to disconnect from technology and reconnect to nature in a safe and nurturing environment.
    Lina Taylor
  • Nicholas Devor
    There is not a better place on earth to send your kids for a perfect Summer Camp experience.
    Nicholas Devor

Breaking News from Camp Wyandot

November 30, 2023

In Memory of Sue Lavitchka

Sue Ann Lavitchka passed away on November 17, 2023.  Karen Roberts Brooks was with her when she died and sang her camp song, “Call of the Fire”.  Sue’s camp name was Misti, and she was a CIT in the first half of 1965 and 1966.  She was a cabin counselor […]
November 8, 2023

Camp Wyandot Has an Online Store!

Camp Wyandot has an online store! You now can buy everything from t-shirts to mugs online. Click HERE to shop! We have two designs available, the Camp Wyandot logo and Deeply Rooted, art from the animation shown at the 2022 luncheon. Camp Wyandot Inc. will get a share of the […]
November 6, 2023

Member Notice for 2023 Annual Meeting

2023 Annual Meeting Notice On January 25, 2024 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM As a voting member of Camp Wyandot we hope you will join us for the 2023 Annual Meeting on January 25, 2024 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. The meeting will be held at the Whetstone Library, 3909 […]

Camp Wyandot is nestled in a valley, with Lake Atagahi at the center, and cabins and lodges lining the hills. Our younger campers reside in cabins on the right side of the lake, and our older campers and the Dining Hall are located on the hill on the left side of the lake. We have a swimming pool, a medical lodge for the camp nurse, and several other buildings in addition to the campers' cabins. Main bathhouses serve the needs of campers, and sleeping cabins remain primitive so the sounds of frogs and crickets are uninterrupted at night.