Staff and Leadership


Connie Coutellier

Executive Director

I am honored to serve as your Camp Wyandot, Inc. Executive Director and Overnight Camp Director.  For the past 8 summers I have enjoyed being the Wyandot Overnight Camp Director, and for the past 6 years I have been the Executive Director. I grew up in Camp Fire and went to Camp Wyandot as a camper, CIT, staff member, camp director and council district director. I left and directed camps in 4 states and Malaysia, and served on the national staff of Camp Fire, USA and ACA. I have had the pleasure of teaching Camp Director courses around the world for the International Camping Fellowship.

After moving back to Ohio in 2015, I am adapting to changes, reconnecting with old friends and making new young ones.  I truly appreciate the solid background Camp Wyandot gave me. I love the opportunity to play a part in impacting childrens’ lives and helping create new memories for everyone.  I know there will are some challenges to face but I look forward to Camp Wyandot Inc.’s exciting future.

Kit Goodwin

Program Manager/Office Manager

After driving a schoolbus for 27 Years, the last 15 at New Albany – Plain Local Schools, and after 20 years of running my own tiny non-profit, I retired to care for my mother in my home for 4 years.  Afterward I joyfully found Camp Wyandot in need of an Office Administrator.  My experience with office procedures, amateur web design, non-profit work, love of nature and kids, make this a perfect new challenge for me, and I’m highly motivated to be an asset to Camp Wyandot!

I am a Monarch Butterfly Activist, and in summer, I enjoy prairie and native plant gardening.


Charles Woodrum Jr.

Facilities Manager/Caretaker

Hello everyone my name is Charles Woodrum better known as little Chuck , my father was caretaker of camp Wyandot for 20 some years . I’ve been with the Wyandot family since I was 2 years old . I’ve always felt close to all the people and campers I’ve met over the years and I’m still close to a lot of them. Some are true close friends. I’ve always loved working at Wyandot with dad and the staff. I myself have many plans to improve the camp and make it a better place to come visit. I love Wyandot and all it’s people with all my heart and hope to be apart of it for many more years to come.

Olivia Eckols

Camp Wyandot Director


I am elated to serve as the Overnight Camp Director. I have had the privilege of growing up at Wyandot as a camper, CIT, counselor, and then leadership team member. After my 10 consecutive summers at Wyandot, I ventured out to Shenandoah National Park, where I served Camp Dogwood as their Rites of Passage Program Director. I also facilitated groups of all ages at Indiana University’s outdoor learning center, Bradford Woods, leading nature hikes and teaching environmental education. I returned to Indiana to coordinate 5th grade field trips for Monroe county and manage a team of Professional Outdoor Instructors.

I have experienced the magic of camp and all it has to offer youth. Friendships and memories that last a lifetime, new adventures every day, and a beautiful, safe place to call home. In the midst of a challenging and surreal world we are living in now, I have faith in Wyandot’s future and the campers that trod along it’s welcoming paths.

‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’ – Albus Dumbledore

Sparrow, Olivia Eckols

Deb Zawacki

Camp Otonwe Director

I am a music teacher with a lifetime of camping experience. I have been affiliated with numerous camps in Ohio, New York, and New England.

My desire to become a music teacher is rooted in the singing in the camp dining hall and at campfires.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning more about the Otonwe traditions.

I am excited to be creating a new and interesting program, rooted in the the long history of Camp Otonwe & Camp Wyandot.