April Hoy

Camp Director & Executive Director

Hello!  I am very excited to join the Camp Wyandot community!  Growing up and living on site with my family at 4-H Camp Ohio and Recreation Unlimited gave me a deep love and appreciation for the impact of the residential camp experience.  I was a camp counselor for many years for children and adults with disabilities at Recreation Unlimited.  These experiences coupled with our small family farm, garden and spending countless hours playing in the creek, forest and meadows formed my relationship with the natural world. I was privileged to share this appreciation with thousands of children and adults during my 16 years as the Camp Director and Education Director at Stratford Ecological Center, a working organic farm and nature preserve.   I have been honored to serve on the Leave No Child Inside of Central Ohio, Board of Directors for three years.  My personal and professional experience has reinforced to me the importance of environmental education and outdoor experiences for the healthy development of children.  I believe it is the inherent right of every child to develop a relationship with the natural world.

I am excited to meet all the retuning staff and campers and to meet those who are new to Camp Wyandot! I can’t wait to learn all the traditions that have made Camp Wyandot a magical place for so many!

April Hoy

Kit Goodwin

Office Manager

After driving a schoolbus for 27 Years, the last 15 at New Albany – Plain Local Schools, and after 20 years of running my own tiny non-profit cat rescue organization, I retired to care for my mother in my home for 4 years.  In the challenging fall of 2019, I found Camp Wyandot in need of an Office Administrator and was happy to join the team.  My experience with office procedures, amateur web design, non-profit work, love of nature and kids, make this a perfect new challenge for me, and I love the work I am doing to help families send their children to camp!  I love helping parents with registration and any questions they may have about camp.

I am also a Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Activist, and in summer, I enjoy nature photography, listing species seen on i-Naturalist, and prairie and native plant gardening.

Charles Woodrum Jr.

Facilities Manager/Caretaker

Hello everyone my name is Charles Woodrum better known as “little Chuck” , my father was caretaker of camp Wyandot for 20 some years . I’ve been with the Wyandot family since I was 2 years old . I’ve always felt close to all the people and campers I’ve met over the years and I’m still close to a lot of them. Some are true close friends. I’ve always loved working at Wyandot with dad and the staff. I myself have many plans to improve the camp and make it a better place to come visit. I love Wyandot and all it’s people with all my heart and hope to be apart of it for many more years to come.

Deb Zawacki

Camp Otonwe Director

I am a music teacher with a lifetime of camping experience. I have been affiliated with numerous camps in Ohio, New York, and New England.

My desire to become a music teacher is rooted in the singing in the camp dining hall and at campfires.

I began as director of Camp Otonwe in 2017, and I am enjoying sharing my experiences in Otonwe, and building the camp’s traditions and outreach, while managing the challenges that come our way.

I’m excited to be developing our new and fun program, rooted in the the long history of Camp Otonwe & Camp Wyandot.

Jennifer Fullin

Wyandot Leadership Team/ Arts & Crafts Coordinator

My parents tell me that at the end of my first week of overnight camp at Wyandot I declared I didn’t want to go home!  I returned to Camp Wyandot every summer as a camper, counselor-in-training, and then as a cabin counselor and other staff positions.  My passion for nature and outdoor education led me to earn college degrees in natural resources and science education.  I love to doodle – you may have seen some of my sketches on past Wyandot t-shirts.  After some time away, I am returning to Wyandot to share my enthusiasm for nature and art with current campers.

Corie M Strugach

Nature Program and Staff Coordinator

Hello! My name is Comet, and I’m very excited to be joining the leadership team. I can’t even begin to describe how much Camp Wyandot means to me. I am always grateful for the decision I made on a whim to become a counselor. I often credit that job with being ‘what brought me back to life.’ It’s not an easy job by any means, but it will likely be one of, if not the most rewarding of jobs in my life.

Connecting with campers through nature is what made me decide to go further with my passions for sciences like ecology, geology, and astronomy. While I’ve taken classes in these areas throughout college, I mostly learn from experience and from studying on my own.

Camp Wyandot makes a huge difference in the lives of many, and I feel very lucky to get to be a part of it. It’s hard not to make friends while you’re there, whether you’re a camper, a CIT, or a staff member. To me, Camp has always been about connecting with everything and everyone around you. I can’t wait to foster those magical connections this Summer!

Zane H Smith

Outdoor Living Skills Specialist and Staff Coordinator

My name is Appa. I have been a part of Camp Wyandot since I was a kid, including time as a camper, CIT, and as a counselor. My time at Camp Wyandot has been one of the most influential aspects of my life. It has fueled many of my passions, such as teaching, nature, and taking on leadership/mentorship roles. Camp has inspired me to pass on my interests to the next generation, with the intent of sparking their desires to learn more about the world around them.

Lexi Parsons

Camp Name: Stingray

Counselor in Training Director

Hey! My name is Stingray and I have been a part of the Camp Wyandot team for the past three years. I have gained so much knowledge and support from this camp that has been constantly drawn me back to continuing working here each summer. This camp upholds such a loving and welcoming community that is great for anyone to experience. I have made lifelong friendships with people on staff. I cannot wait to continue as the CIT Director this upcoming summer and to meet the new and existing counselors in training! 🙂