As an organization, Camp Wyandot is well supported by enthusiastic volunteers. We are very grateful for the amazing skills and dedication of our Alumni and friends for supporting Camp Wyandot Overnight and Day Camp programs.

Volunteer Awards

We show appreciation for our volunteers with awards, which are granted yearly at the Annual Meeting. If a volunteer has gone out of their way to help or provided significant contributions in one of five areas (read more about these areas on the linked form), then consider completing a nomination. To nominate a volunteer for an award, we have a nomination form here.



Alumni Committee

We are looking to start an alumni committee responsible for organizing the annual alumni weekend, other events throughout the year, organize fundraisers for camperships, connect to other alumni, and manage the memorabilia from our 100 year history! Looking for a good representation from many generations.  If you are interested, please contact Kit (

The Hicanah Camp Fire group at the luncheon.

Annual Alumni Luncheon

Other Volunteer Needs:

  • Office Assistance
  • Assistance with bulk mailings
  • Consultants to help with fundraising, programming, and marketing.
  • Participating in Work Weekends at one of our camps.
  • Helping with our Annual Luncheon.
  • Securing donations of time or products from businesses.

Please contact us if you are interested, or register here as a volunteer.