2021 Camp Challenges and Successes!

Fall Work Day 2021
August 9, 2021
Late Summer and Fall Rentals, 2021
August 26, 2021

Camp Wyandot had a very successful but challenging year in the summer of 2021.  This year at camp, we served 275 more campers than we did in 2020.  Past staff joined us at camp to help this year, and everyone on staff worked really hard to make a safe season.  We had no problems with covid-19 this year.  At Camp Otonwe, we served 100 more campers this summer.  We had volunteer help in both camps, and we appreciate all the work they did!  Camp Directors Deb Zawacki (Wizard) and Olivia Eckols (Sparrow) both did an excellent job.

We are looking forward to next summer, which we hope will be without covid-19 restrictions!

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