2022 Annual Meeting

In memory of Judith Ann Johnson
December 22, 2022
In memory of Kimberly Colliton
February 1, 2023

UPDATE:  Last Thursday our 2022 Annual meeting was held at Whetstone Library to report on all the accomplishments of this past year. Members attending voted on board members starting a new term and the 2023 nominating Committee. Our thanks to those whose term is ending. – Lina Taylor for her excellent leadership as Board Chair and to Vance Tope for his support as the Facilities Committee chair.  We were pleased to present the following Camp Wyandot Awards recognizing outstanding contributions to the organization.

Sun Award- (the Grace Simpson award and our highest award) – Margie Dooley
Sky Award – (Program) – Elise Coneglio “Birch” and Lisa Graham
Water Award – (Organization) – Beverly Gish, Rob Graham, and Megan Gish,
Bedrock Award – Charles Woodrum Jr.
Thanks to all that attended and enjoyed an in-person event together.


January 26, 2023, at 6:30 PM, Whetstone Public Library, 3909 N. High St., Columbus.


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