Outdoor Skills Day Wrap-Up 2016

Camp Wyandot Summer Camp Open House THIS WEEKEND!
April 30, 2016
Kroger Community Rewards Renewal Time!
June 1, 2016

Outdoor Skills Day was held April 30th at Camp Wyandot. Wyandot Explorer Groups came down for a day of fun and activities including boating, archery, fire building, knife safety, and more. Everyone had the opportunity to make their very own Camp Wyandot terrarium, to take a piece of camp home with them! They also we able to cook their own lunches over a fire! Dinner was served in the Dining Hall and we wrapped up the evening with a Council Fire, complete with awards and skits, followed by S’mores and sing-a-long!

Thanks to Teddy “Forte” Jones for being an amazing host yet again! Thank you to all of the volunteers who came down to teach activities and help everyone have a good time!

See you all next year!



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