A Special Thanks to All of You!

Alumni Weekend 2017 Wrap Up
September 7, 2017
Fall Work Weekend 2017
September 9, 2017

Dear Friends of Camp Wyandot,

We thank all of you who have donated to the New Egypt bathhouse capital campaign, 102 donors in all.  The project is almost done and the comments from campers, parents and staff are very good.  “The girl’s bathroom is a wonderful addition and you came through just as promised in time for this summer’s camp.” from a parent. A camper said “Egypt is so clean and nice, I love it…especially when I have to go at night.” Counselors appreciated it and commented “Everything works!” Including donated materials, the total cost of the project will be $142,000, well below initial estimates. We thank our contractor Joe Osborne and our caretaker Chuck Woodrum who have solved numerous problems and worked very hard to give us the best quality facility possible.  

We are not quite done.  The counselors are still waiting for the renovation of the old boy’s side which will become the counselor’s area. The estimated cost to complete the project is $23,000.  

The hardest dollars to raise are the last ones.  If you have given, perhaps you can give a little more.  Perhaps you would like to give in memory of or in honor of someone.  Maybe you know someone not on this list who would like to be a part of this very important improvement to our camp.  Every time you see New Egypt you will know you played an important role in making it possible.

It is already hard to believe we got by with Egypt as it was, a source of constant complaints and in need of constant repairs.  The old bathhouse was in such poor shape and inadequate in size it inhibited us from raising our camper fees and attracting renters, problems that are now behind us thanks to you.

We hope to give our counselors and staff their due next summer by finishing the counselor side before next summer.  Come join us and help us raise the last few dollars for New Egypt!

In addition to all your support many of you and other donors have also given their time and money to help Camp Wyandot with other projects and/or support the campership program.  While we truly appreciate all of the help we get Egypt is largest capital project we have tried for years and has had a tremendous impact on the future of camp.  

See a full list of our generous donors here!


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