A Successful “Special Estate Planning Alumni Event”

In Memoriam: Amy Cornell Behrendt – “Sassafras”
March 15, 2021
Spring Rentals at Camp Wyandot
March 19, 2021

On February 20, 2021, we held a “Special Estate Planning Alumni Event”.

We thank William Good, probate and estate planning attorney, for meeting by Zoom with Camp Wyandot alumni.  William’s clear explanation of the legal implications of major illness and death were much appreciated. 

As you probably know Camp Wyandot, Inc. was founded as a Camp Fire Council in 1913.  When we disaffiliated from Camp Fire in 2013 our name was changed to Camp Wyandot, Inc, and we became an independent organization. The corporation did not change; only our name and affiliation changed,  so that a gift to Camp Fire Central Ohio Council is a gift to Camp Wyandot Inc.  Still, if you wish to leave a bequest to us, it is recommended that you update your will to designate Camp Wyandot Inc. as the recipient. For those of you who have included a gift to Camp Wyandot Inc. as part of your will, we are grateful.

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