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January 11, 2018
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2018 Camp Registration is Live!
January 11, 2018
2018 Flower Sale
March 12, 2018

Adopt a Project 2018

This year we are celebrating our 90th season of continuous operation. We celebrate our growth and the impact and memories that Wyandot has created for hundreds of campers, staff and volunteers over the 90 years. Thanks to grants, donated labor and individual donor support we have been able to build new or add new additions to several new buildings in the past few years. We want to keep the beauty and rustic feel of Camp Wyandot and continue to bring nature and the outdoors to more youth and their families.

We also need to keep our facilities safe, in good repair, address new regulations, and maintain our American Camp Association accreditation. As usual in an older facility a great amount of work needs to be done each year. Some of this work needs to be done before this summer, some can be done later in the year or run over several years.  We need your help.  Our caretaker/site manager is doing a great job but of work cannot be accomplished without your support.

We have created a list of ‘projects for adoption’ and will add to it monthly as needs continue to surface. Anyone interested in helping can ‘adopt’ a project that they are willing to either fund and/or provide the volunteer labor to complete the project.  Chuck and Connie will work with you to coordinate a timeline, purchase supplies, and oversee the projects. Some projects can be done by volunteers with general or special skills and some need the expertise of a contractor. Some can be done by individuals or by a family or a group of friends.

For example, in Alps a new 75-gallon hot water tank is needed and toilets need replaced.  The EPA has new requirements for the area surrounding the treatment plant on the flats that could be done by volunteers. New windows are needed in the Hospital and the Dining Hall.  People could ‘adopt’ a window (or 10!) as their project. A new roof is needed for the Staff lodge.  The cost of the shingles could be ‘adopted’ as the labor will be done by a trusted roofing contractor.  Repairs to railings, decks and steps are always needed.

This the beginning of a list of projects if you are interested in discussing one or more please discuss with Chuck or call or email Connie at the office 614 481 8227 or You can provide the labor or pay the cost …or both. This is a working list and response from grant requests, costs, time and expertise needed will change depending on need and interest.  The list includes some projects that have included people that have indicated an interest and does not include things identified for work weekend on April 20-22.  We would love to have a big turnout for that event. Register online.

Adopt a Project listApprox. cost and/or volunteer laborTimelineInterest
1.       Screens replaced on cabins$100 to do screens on one entire cabinRemove & repair or replace old screens and trimBefore summerRob and Lisa Grahm
2.       Egypt laundry room, south was, hall and counselor bathrooms need paintedCost of paint, shelving and supplies (have tile and fixtures)Clean, paint and get ready for and tile and bath fixtures to be installedBefore summerSara, Lina, Juleah and friends
3.       Hoskins kitchen remodeledRearrange fixtures, secure  smaller used refrigerator, paintClean and replace, organize cooking area, paint & ready for rentalsEarly spring or August
4.       Alps boys and girls side needs remodeled and updated

Need 12 fast fill toilets for $165 ea., 12 fixtures for facets for $40 & showers for $90

Light fixtures

Hot water tank

New outside doors

Paint walls, assist with with plumbing
5.       Picnic Tables repaired or replaced6 tablesRepair and paint or assemble newBefore summer or in fall
6.       “Lookout” staff /rental lodging adjacent to pool

Purchase kitchen sink.

Have bathroom fixtures and kitchen supplies.

Assist in finishing bathroom, and install, broom closet, finish ceiling, install kitchen sink, organize kitchenBefore summer
7.       New Windows for HoskinsReplace all windows with similar brown ones. Buy one or all. Price not finalized.Volunteer to help Chuck install windowsAfter camp before winter


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