Annual Meeting Wrap Up: January 30, 2017

Annual Meeting THIS MONDAY!
January 26, 2017
2017 Wyandot Explorer Activity Fair
March 1, 2017

On Monday, January 30, 2017, we held our Annual Membership Meeting at Whetstone Library. There were 23 members and 7 guests in attendance.

During the meeting we were updated on the current financial position of the organization as well as presented with summaries of events, day and overnight camps, and projects which occurred in 2016. We discussed new developments coming up in 2017 as well, such as the Welcome Center at Camp Wyandot, and the possibility of a new central Ohio day camp location (which has since been confirmed). If you would like to read this year’s Annual Report, please come by the office and pick up a copy!

We would also like to give a big Wyandot Welcome to our newest board member, Lina Taylor, who was elected at the meeting. Lina has been involved with Camp Wyandot since attending overnight camp as a child! She’s been very dedicated to camp over the years and is truly an asset to our organization! Thanks for coming aboard, Lina!


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