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Special Meeting Announcement: Vote on Bylaws
November 7, 2020
2021 Camp Wyandot Calendars
December 1, 2020

… Maybe you would like to investigate joining the board of directors!

The board is currently seeking people with any of the following areas of expertise:

  • love of Camp Wyandot and history with Camp Wyandot
  • youth and families
  • web design and online marketing (we’ve had Alice, but she is coming up on her term limit at the end of this year)
  • construction and skilled trades
  • donor relations/fundraising/database management
  • legal/attorney
  • finance/audit

We currently cannot accept any current or seasonal staff, because anyone in that position would be simultaneously an employee of our organization and have legal authority over our organization, and that just doesn’t work to have both at the same time!

All others may apply by filling out the form below.

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