Big article in Columbus Dispatch!

Volunteers Needed to Serve on Committees
June 21, 2012
Don’t forget to register for Camp!
June 24, 2012

In case you missed it, our beautiful Camp Wyandot was featured in the Columbus Dispatch this month.

Our registrations are going well this year and we feel we are making great strides forward. Often, in order to achieve news coverage and raise awareness about our existence, we have to bare our soul to the public. That is exactly what we did here. The lead paragraph in the article states exactly what is important about Camp Wyandot, and we hope the article will inspire parents to revisit the idea of sending their children to a “distraction-free” camp.

Read the article here.

We are grateful to all the volunteers, donors and community groups who have helped us weather some major expenses and upgrades to camp!

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