Camp Wyandot Overnight Camp is On for All Sessions!

COVID-19 Response
June 2, 2020
Camp Wyandot Alumni Event
July 12, 2020

Great news! We were just informed tonight (6/2/20) in a memo from Dr. Amy Acton that overnight camps can open immediately!

If you have a child registered in session one or two you have received two emails from us. The first one was about options before we received Dr. Amy Acton’s memo. About four hours after that was sent we received her memo and sent a second email with a revised form to verify what option you wanted to choose. We need you to complete that form or email us with what you want to do about your child’s registration.

We have already spent two months working on safety strategies for camp, and you can read about them in our Covid-19 notice.

UPDATE:  This blog post has caused some confusion.  To clarify, the events described in this post are in the past, and do not apply to our current campers.  Thus far, camp is running smoothly, and we are in session 4 (July 5 – 11) this week!

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