Council announces Environmental Vision Statement

Camp Wyandot Work Weekend June 12-13
May 29, 2010
June 20 deadline for Ohio State Fair entries
June 18, 2010
Camp Wyandot Work Weekend June 12-13
May 29, 2010
June 20 deadline for Ohio State Fair entries
June 18, 2010

The following statement was crafted by a committee of volunteers and approved by the Board of Directors:


Camp Fire USA – Central Ohio Council is committed to “Reuniting children and nature”.  In that endeavor the council is dedicated to enhancing, enriching, and promoting stewardship of the lands, waters, and air under its jurisdiction.  Through the efforts of awareness, communication, and education it also desires to extend its reach into the environment in which its clients live, work, and play.  This meets one of the core values of Camp Fire USA – to respect and celebrate nature.

In the Summer 2010, Camp Fire USA Central Ohio Council will extend its journey toward a program of reducing, reusing, and recycling.  A key to any successful environmental plan is the commitment and involvement of its people…staff, campers, and volunteers.

Action steps are:


Choosing products with minimal packaging to reduce waste

Identifying products and practices to reduce waste toxicity


Promoting use of reusable products – example water bottles

Maintaining and repairing durable products

Reusing bags, containers, and other items

Borrowing, renting, or sharing items used infrequently


Choosing recyclable products

Selecting products made from recycled materials

Disposing of paper, glass, metal, plastic, cardboard in properly marked recycling containers

Separate fruit and vegetable scraps from other waste in the kitchen for compost

Additional steps on the journey:

Place recycling containers at designated sites throughout camp

Transfer deposited items to a central location on a regular basis

Identify individuals responsible for taking items to a recycling center

Identify individuals responsible for removing the fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen to a composting location

Identify individuals to maintain the compost area

Select and purchase locally grown unprocessed food whenever possible

Inspect shore around the lake and remove potentially hazardous and toxic items

Use only non-toxic materials when building and replenishing fires

As well as:

Replace old toilets with dual flush models

Invest in rechargeable batteries

Continue the purchasing and use of fluorescent lights or LED light bulbs whenever possible

Install water-saving showerheads


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