Coyote Trails School of Nature Training Weekend

Halloween In The Hills
September 8, 2010
“Building More Than Campfires” Centennial Luncheon
October 20, 2010

At Camp Wyandot September 24-26, 2010

Friday, Sept. 24, 7pm to Sunday, Sept. 26, at noon.  Coyote Trails School of Nature (CTSN) will join us at Camp Wyandot to offer past and present Camp Wyandot & Otonwe staff, volunteers, alumni, and members a special weekend designed to immerse Camp Fire members into CTSN teachings.  CTSN programs often cause a shift in consciousness, allowing for a closer connection with the Earth, the self and the group through the vehicle of primitive Earth based living skills.  Activities include learning how to see with “owl eyes,” walk in the woods in silence, make fire with a bow drill through friction and building basic shelters.  Together we will expand our awareness, within ourselves and throughout the environment around us.  CTSN and Camp Fire share a common vision which can be traced back to our roots.  Celebrate Camp Fire’s Centennial year by being a part of envisioning the future of both programs through your participation and feedback this weekend. 

Costs:  for meals only – $25 per person    Participants must commit to the entire experience.  Click the link below to register:×0s5/

If you have questions contact Wheezy at or any of  following Camp Fire people who have experienced CTSN programs  Z, Fooba, Pollen, Nikki Spretnak and Amy Boyd, or email Sandy Willmore, local director of CTSN, at

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