Day Camp Aide is an older camper that is interested in a three-week program for youth aged 12 – 14 years, to build their confidence, program skills, and the leadership skills needed to be a future Junior Counselor. They will also be helping out as needed at day camp. Session 4 is a short session and DCA’s may add that to their regular session without extra cost.

A Day Camp Aide should gain greater confidence and sense of accomplishment, as well as a better understanding of working with children, and the operational side of running a day camp. The program accepts a limited number of applicants.  Since they will be helping with day camp and helping set up and clean up program areas, their fee is lower.

2024 DCA Session Dates:

Day Camp Aides can choose either of the following session dates:

First Half: Monday, June 10 to Friday, July 3 (weekends off)
Second Half: Monday, July 8 to Friday, July 26 (weekends off)


Day Camp Aides will pay $150 for their three week session.  Session 4, Kid Meets Camp, can be added at the beginning or end of their chosen session, at no cost.

To Register:

Registration spots are limited.  If sessions are full, please waitlist.



Please contact the office if you have any further questions, 614.481.8227 or