Fair Entries

Camp Is Filling Up FAST!!!
May 17, 2012
Thank you Kiwanis Club of Downtown Columbus!
May 24, 2012

It is time to enter your Franklin Co. and Ohio State Fair entries. The deadline for the Franklin County Fair is June 2. Deadline for the Ohio State Fair is June 20th. This process is easy and only takes minutes to do. Anything can be entered that fits one of our categories. You do not have to make the item at a Camp Fire meeting or event to enter it in either fair. School or recreation center art projects are the perfect items to enter. If you enter before school is out and are not sure you will have items from certain categories, enter those that your child commonly completes and then you will be covered for any projects they bring home. Drawings, paintings, creative writings, etc are the most common entries. Follow the links below to get all the information you need to enter each fair.

The Franklin County Fair

The Ohio State Fair

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