In Memory: Ben Arrowood

In Memoriam: Don McVay
August 31, 2020
Remembering: Judy Ballenger
September 1, 2020

Benjamin “Benny” Arrowood, age 82, died in his home of 49 years in
Columbus, Ohio on April 6, 2020, after a long illness with Alzheimer’s
disease. He is survived by Jane (wife of 53 years); son, Craig (Jana
Messinger); daughter, Lisa (Rob) Graham; grandchildren, Ally and
Charlotte Arrowood and Marcus Graham. Benny and his wife Jane
and their whole family have been involved in Camp Fire and Camp Wyandot
for years. Jane was a leader and active in day camp. Lisa was on the year-round
staff and Marcus completed CIT at Wyandot.

Lisa wrote of her dad:

Dad volunteered in the late 70s and early 80s at Camp Otonwe.  He would come down on
Thursdays and help pitch tents for our overnight and deliver the kids’ gear to their units.  He also
spent a weekend each year helping with the Prairie Association yard sale, setting up tables and
clothes racks and loading and unloading sale items.  The money from the yard sale was used to
take our clubs on a weekend trip to Camp Wyandot.  He went on our trip and helped. We had a
talent show at Wyandot and one year he performed with all the other dads as one part of the
Village People.

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