Its Almost Time!

Our Camps have filled early!
April 26, 2022
Plan Ahead to Join Us for Camp Wyandot Fall Events!
June 22, 2022

Dear Friends,

Excitement is in the air as summer is just around the corner. Registrations for Camp Wyandot and Camp Otonwe are both completely filled. After a rainy spring the woods have turned green, spring wild flowers are in bloom, the frogs are tuning up and last minute projects are being completed. The Counselors are packing bags for precamp training that starts early in June. Over 700 Wyandot overnight campers and 250 Otonwe day campers are looking forward to a great summer camp experience. This is Wyandot’s 94th year of continuous operation and the 6th year Otonwe has operated at the John Beltz Retreat Center. Alumni are reflecting on their memories of camp and parents are reviewing the packing list and amazed to see how small last year’s bathing suit is on their growing camper. Camp is ready and so are we. I hope to see you as you drop a new camper off, join us for the family camp over the Fourth of July, at the Plein Art Workshop or for Alumni weekend. Thanks to all who have helped in some way to make 2022 another great summer of creating memories.

W.L. Connie (Luige) Executive Director/Camp Director

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