Rent a cabin at Camp Wyandot

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October 22, 2011
We made more memories!
October 26, 2011

Camp Wyandot is tucked in alongside of Clear Creek Metro Park, deep in a valley in the Hocking Hills region. Cabins range from rustic with restrooms a short walk away to those equipped with electricity, kitchen and bathroom.  You can rent individual cabins or the entire camp. Kayaks and canoes are available for use on our scenic lake. A pool is located on the premises. Our rates are affordable and you may contract for food service and program staffing you may need. Our camp hosts deciduous and evergreen forests, meadows, a lake, streams, and one of the clearest creeks in the state with over 40 different species of fish inhabiting its waters. Within our forests are some stunning geological formations. Give us a call at 614-481-8227 to reserve your spot in the beautiful Hocking Hills.

See photos of our cabins and facilities.

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