Spring Construction at Camp Wyandot

Activity Fair 2016: Wrap Up
March 31, 2016
Outdoor Skills Day: April 30, 2016
March 31, 2016
Activity Fair 2016: Wrap Up
March 31, 2016
Outdoor Skills Day: April 30, 2016
March 31, 2016

There are several exciting projects going on at Camp Wyandot right now we would like to share with you!

As many of you know, there were major changes made to Cooks Cabin in 2015 including a 2 bedroom addition, a large deck, and a remodeled bathroom. All that remains is to install the new stove and furnace and this project will be complete! Cooks Cabin is now a comfortable and functional space for our Camp Director/Administration during summer camp and will be an excellent rental cabin come fall!

Our big projects for 2016 include Khru & Egypt Showerhouses, the Dining Hall kitchen, the pool area, and Staff Lodge!

Dining Hall Kitchen

Thanks to the trust left by Jeanene “Jed” Dixon, we were able to make some major upgrades in the Dining Hall kitchen! During the month of March new flooring was installed and new equipment, including a new stove and an expansion for the dishwasher, were purchased. Volunteers are hard at work painting the walls and freshening up the cabinets! By the end of April, this project should be complete!

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There are a couple changes being made to the pool area this Spring. Over the past couple of weeks we had new concrete poured to fix damage on pool deck. This portion of the project is now complete! In the next couple of weeks a new 6 foot chain link fence will be installed around the pool area. This is a new regulation from the Health Department, without which we would not be able to open this summer. Thanks to the people at Lowes in Lancaster for the great deal on the fencing!



Khru Showerhouse

This April the same hard working team who did the majority of work on the Cooks remodel, will be back at it again expanding the Boys side of Khru! The addition will allow for 2 additional toilets, 2 sinks, and an additional shower! This project should also be complete by the end of April!

Egypt Showerhouse

The biggest project currently in the works is the long awaited renovation of Egypt Showerhouse on Cabin Row. We moved ahead with construction in March after many portions of the boys bathroom had to be torn down at the end of last season. Phase One began earlier this month with excavation and the pouring of footers for the Boys side addition. This phase will include a whole new build for the Boys bathroom on the opposite side of the building as the original boys area. We are working hard to be economical with this time sensitive endeavor. We opted to begin the new construction rather than invest time and money into rebuilding the old boys area, knowing it would have to be torn down again in the future. While we do have a good deal of money secured for this phase of the project, we are still accepting donations. If you are interested in making a contribution to this much needed renovation, please contact Connie Coutellier: connie@campwyandot.org.


Phase Two of this project will include remodeling of the Girls side and renovation of the former Boys side to include counselor bathrooms and a new laundry room. Construction on this portion of the project will not begin until all necessary funds are secured.

Staff Lodge:

Another ongoing project is the updating of the Staff Lodge. We have plans to make several changes to this cabin including an eventual kitchen, bathroom, and moving the sleeping quarters back up into the lofts. This project will be done in small phases over time. This will make for a more functional space for the summer camp staff and will be great for rentals in the off season!


Don’t forget… Spring Work Weekend is coming soon! Come on down and see all the changes and help us prepare for the upcoming season!!!


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