Spring Skills 2015

Wyandot Wish List
May 29, 2015
The Big Give Was Great for Camp Wyandot!
May 29, 2015

Spring Skills was held May 2-3 at Camp Wyandot. Wyandot Explorer Groups came down for a day of fun and activities including boating, archery, crafts, and more! One of the special projects everyone was able to participate in was the building of 12 new picnic tables for Camp Wyandot! Lisa Graham and her Explorer Club received a Kiwanis grant which was used to purchase these new tables! We send a SUPER THANK YOU to both Lisa’s club and the Kiwanis of Downtown!!!

We wrapped up the evening with a Council Fire, complete with awards and skits, followed by S’mores and sing-a-long!

Thanks to Ben Searfos (Arktos) for doing an amazing job hosting the event and thank you also to Mountain Smith (Fran), Teri Schaefer (Skittles), Reese Farrow (Pieces), Mackenzie Crenshaw (Doo Wop), and everyone who helped make this event work!

See you all next year!

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