Summer is Here!

Camp Wyandot Open House a Success!
May 30, 2019
Plein Air Watercolor Workshop 2019
July 10, 2019

Summer is here! There are 524 campers registered for Camp Wyandot to date. They are spread out over 7 sessions and  busy getting ready to head for the hills. Camp Otonwe has 98 excited Day Campers. Staff is full … including a cook, precamp starts for the Leadership Team on Sunday and the rest of the staff come in on Wednesday. As usual, there still some last minute things we are wrestling with to get camp ready (thanks Chuck, Ethan and some volunteers). The weather has been a challenge but as alumni know it never rains at Wyandot but we have had some heavy dew.  Today is my last day in the office as I move into Camp Wyandot on Saturday. This is a normal busy day for this time of year, answering parent questions, Nonnie brought in the staff ties (thanks Nonnie), files going to camp are sorted and loaded (thanks Skip), still checking and doing some printing of all the applications (thanks Sara), still hunting and negotiating with someone to fire the mugs, staff are hurrying to bring in their final paper work…..and it goes on and on.  My sister Nancy was sewing curtains last night for the newly finished Cook’s living room and kitchen. (thanks Nancy) First load of food arrived at camp today (Thanks Doc) We had several groups of volunteers working on special projects that are mentioned in this eblast. It takes a team to make the special experience at camp happen for campers (thanks to our supportive volunteers and the Board). There are many more thanks due but these are examples of the week before camp. Just following camp there is a special adult Watercolor session and an Alumni weekend.  So this promises to be a great 91st season and busy from now through mid-August. I’m excited! Connie (Luige)

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