The 2015 Wyandot Explorers Bead Fair

Farewell Jeanene Dixon (Jed)
February 26, 2015
Open Houses
March 28, 2015

The Wyandot Explorers had a fantastic time at this year’s annual Bead Fair. We had over 20 youth show up with their groups and/or families! It was a fun afternoon!

There were 6 activities this year. A station about water tension where the kids were able to see various items (rocks, soap, paper clips, etc) either float or sink in a dish of water. An Oil Spill area, where they could try different methods of cleaning oil out of water. A self portrait table, where they made pictures of themselves out of torn construction paper. A disability obstacle course, where they had to navigate a series of obstacles as a group, each person with a different disability (could only use one leg, couldn’t talk, couldn’t see, etc). And a station to create hanging “chandeliers” out of cut up plastic water bottles colored with markers. This “handiwork” decorated by the kids and volunteers will be combined into one big chandelier to hang down at Camp Wyandot!

We finished the afternoon with a round of singing “fun songs” with Lisa Graham!

We’d like to thank all the volunteers who helped; we couldn’t have done it without you!


IMG_0039     IMG_0041

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