The passing of Mary Lou Beery

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April 16, 2013
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May 16, 2013

P1080604Mary Lou (Murney) Beery, 76, of Lancaster, passed away Monday, April 29, 2013 at her home.   Mary Lou was a lifetime member of Camp Fire and volunteered with Camp Fire at the Ohio State Fair for the past 40 years.

Teri Schaefer remembers Mary Lou…

“She loved the fair and her friends there.  She had gifts for her fair friends all ready and stacks of supplies for fair crafts sitting out ready to go.  I think she was really grateful to Camp Fire for the experiences she and her family had the opportunity to participate in.  She was especially happy with being able to be involved with the fair committee.  Her daughter, Bonnie, met her husband while they were both on the Junior Fair Board.  She was able to see her grandchildren involved at the fair and the youngest finished serving on the Junior Fair Board two summers ago.  I know there had been many times when people she knew had been down on their luck and she would help them out not expecting to be repaid.”

Mary Lou was a kind and generous woman and she will be dearly missed.

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