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Membership Registration
August 23, 2019
Venetian Sing ceremony at Alumni Weekend
Alumni Weekend: Success!
September 3, 2019

Each year, Camp Wyandot, Inc. interviews and accepts a few new board members who are interested in leadership, youth programming, finance, fundraising, organizational development, and/or other professional areas. We also have a number of committees that require a minimal time commitment, such as a monthly conference call. If you are interested in serving on a committee or on the board, please contact Alice Foeller at 614-887-7483.

The Board of Directors is where the “business” of running Camp Wyandot occurs. Although we all still go for hikes around camp and splash in the pool and repair roofs, the main work of the board is to make sure we are running as a strong nonprofit enterprise, with enough ongoing sources of revenue to keep programs running, to invest in our buildings and land, and to preserve our amazing resources for future generations. We make sure the organization stays on mission, hires the right people, balances the books correctly, and plans ahead – both for disaster and opportunity!

If this sounds like where you’d like to be, Please get in touch by calling Alice at 614-887-7483 or emailing

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