Update on Additional Day Camp

Wyandot Friends!
August 26, 2020
Fall Rentals at Camp Wyandot
August 27, 2020

At the luncheon last year, we announced a partnership with Appalachia Ohio Alliance (AOA) to start a new day camp on property they own on Jackson Pike Road in Grove City. We are sorry to say we are no longer continuing with this partnership. We were unable to reach an agreement on the use of the property. In addition, the cost to renovate the buildings we wanted and obtaining utilities continued to grow. In the end, we thought it was best to put the investment into our own property.

Camp Wyandot is eligible to apply for a Clean Ohio grant to acquire land for program and conservation purposes. This would be perfect for a new day camp site where we could provide a nature program and protect the land for future generations. Should any of you know of any undeveloped land, that might be suitable for a day camp, please let Connie know. Ideally it would have natural habitats for education and conservation and have limited facilities with utilities and water.

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