Who We Are

Camp Wyandot is a nonprofit organization supported by fees, grants and donations.  The organization has an eleven member board of directors.

Our History

Camp Wyandot, Inc. was founded as a Camp Fire Council in 1913.  In 1928, the council became an Ohio nonprofit corporation and purchased Camp Wyandot in the Hocking Hills.  As of April 30, 2013, Camp Wyandot, Inc. became an independent non-profit organization.  We have been preserving the property and educating children and families on the importance of nature and conservation by providing outdoor experiences at that site since 1928.


Camp Wyandot now provides both day camp and overnight camp experiences for a broader audience.  Our services are open to the public with programs for both boys and girls, families, community groups, schools, and individuals.

Our Mission

Camp Wyandot provides an inclusive nurturing environment for youth to have fun, make friends, serve others, and explore the great outdoors.

Our Vision

Providing transformative experiences by connecting youth with the natural world in a rustic group environment.

Our Values

At Camp Wyandot, we value:

  • quality experiences
  • the natural world
  • conservation
  • inclusiveness
  • positive youth development
  • integrity
  • service
  • responsibility
  • sustainability
  • our past, present, and future

Camp Wyandot Logo Meaning

This symbol was created in the early 1930s and is still used today. Camp lore says the design may have been updated by Norma Dusi, former Camp Wyandot Director (1956-1961).

Inspired by the traditions of Native American peoples, the Camp Wyandot symbols bring together the meaningful elements of place and program.

The heart symbol is central and signifies the love and good works of those who participate.

The heart lies in front of the hills and is connected by trails that signify the paths to learning and adventure.

A peaceful blue lake rests under the hills signifying the beauty and tranquility of nature.

The heart, hills, and lake are surrounded by the blue border representing the endless sky.