Alumni Weekend 2022

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June 26, 2022
The 2022 Alumni Weekend was a big success!
August 14, 2022

2017 Alumni Weekend

Registration is open for our Annual Alumni Weekend, August 12 – 14.   The registration form is at the bottom of this page.  This year we will return to a weekend event, including an overnight on Friday and Saturday. “Alumni” includes anyone who has had any contact with us in any way. In short, everyone is invited!

As part of our Saturday activities this year, we want your help in gathering our Camp Wyandot and Camp Fire history. We especially want to hear from those of you who were involved with the New Directions Task Force and the Volunteer Camp in the 1990s.

Our first CIT book, documenting the program from inception to 1990, is missing. We need help in recreating it. Our current CIT book begins with 1991.  Cathy Nichols has done a wonderful job documenting the first 25 years of Camp Wyandot. She will bring the books she is compiling. These book are in process and she would like to have your comments and your help in locating more historic photos.  She also has a list of all known counselors and CITs. There are almost 1,100 names so far! Should you be on it? Are you? How about your relatives or friends, are they on it? Come and see!
Please bring any photos, memorabilia and notes you might have. Cathy will have scanners to record documents, pictures, patches, songs. Let’s have a huge turnout on Saturday, August 13, when we document and celebrate our remarkable history.

We look forward to seeing you at the Alumni Weekend, August 12-14!

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