Camp Started With a Few Bumps!

Plan Ahead to Join Us for Camp Wyandot Fall Events!
June 22, 2022
Alumni Weekend 2022
July 20, 2022
Plan Ahead to Join Us for Camp Wyandot Fall Events!
June 22, 2022
Alumni Weekend 2022
July 20, 2022

Camp Wyandot began this summer with a full camp and over 10 days of training for staff. Everyone was
happy to see each other, and hugs and laughter were plentiful. However, on the third day of
training several counselors came down with Covid. We discussed the situation with the Hocking County
Health Department and their recommendation was to isolate those with symptoms for 5 days and ask
them to wear masks for the second five days. In a further effort to stop the spread, we decided to send
all the staff including those with no symptoms home.

With great reluctance, we canceled Session one. About four of us stayed at camp to and operate the
facility and handle cancelations. This was a very difficult decision as many campers were packed and
ready for a great week. Since the camp registration is full there is no space for them to come a different

Some of our leadership staff testing negative went to Camp Otonwe as the staff there had
trained at Wyandot for two days and also had a few cases. Otonwe has continued to operate.

Staff completed much of their training on Zoom and on Wednesday June 22 they returned to camp to
finish their training. Camp is ready, everyone is healthy, happy, and ready for a great summer, in fact,
everyone was out on an overnight Thursday evening. We are looking forward to meeting all the Session
2 campers on Sunday (today).

We will be following some of the 2021 Covid regulations and practicing safe
distancing and eating and doing activities within their cabin group. At the recommendation of the health
department, we are have made wearing masks optional, asking about symptoms and testing, if
necessary. We are excited about the next six weeks and ready for campers.

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