Camp Fire Brand Revitalization

Members in the News-Sally Dellinger
October 1, 2012
Camp Wyandot Needs a Truck!
October 31, 2012
Members in the News-Sally Dellinger
October 1, 2012
Camp Wyandot Needs a Truck!
October 31, 2012

As some of you may know, Camp Fire National has decided to undergo a brand revitalization that includes changing the name from Camp Fire USA to simply Camp Fire and a new logo and mission statement change.  As a charter of national, we will be changing our logo on our website, publications, and signage and changing our name from Camp Fire USA Central Ohio Council to just Camp Fire Central Ohio.  

Our "New" Promise:

Young people want to shape the world.  Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.  In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within



Below are some frequently asked questions provided by National…

1.      Why did Camp Fire undertake brand revitalization? 

We want to serve more youth and families.  Market research confirms Camp Fire delivers what youth and families want.  Brand revitalization establishes differentiation and relevancy with youth and families so when they are choosing a youth development organization they choose Camp Fire.


2.      What was the process that Camp Fire undertook to revitalize its brand?

The Brand Revitalization process began in the Summer of 2011.  A five phase process was implemented over 15 months.  Extensive market research was done to identify concepts that make Camp Fire unique as compared to other youth development organizations.  Those concepts drove development of Camp Fire’s brand strategy including the new logo and theme line.


3.      What market research was done to measure the strengths and weaknesses of the Camp Fire brand?

Thirty-one focus groups were conducted in five markets across the United States.  Groups were held with youth and parents, some had prior Camp Fire experience and others had never participated in Camp Fire. 


4.      What concepts were identified that distinguish Camp Fire as compared to other youth development organizations?

Four ideas were found to be the key differentiators of Camp Fire:

·         Led by professional, caring adults using a proven formula.

·         Helps develop abilities, now.

·         Open to anyone, but not for everyone.

·         Participant-led – encouraging true exploration.


5.      What ideas are considered the “essence” of the Camp Fire brand?

·         Discovery

·         Self-Expression

·         Finding Your “Spark”

·         Inclusivity


6.      What market research was done to gauge reactions to the new Camp Fire logo and theme line?

Logo designs and theme line options were put through extensive market research, including online surveys (140+), focus groups and interviews, with Camp Fire participants, alumni and others who had never heard of Camp Fire.  Revisions were made based on feedback received.


7.      What is the new “mark” supposed to represent?

Our new logo is meant to reflect a contemporary campfire, looking at the fire from above. In market research, respondents recognized the fire.  Many people also mentioned that they saw a “spark”, representing individual potential.  The different sized logs of the fire represent Camp Fire’s commitment to inclusivity.


8.      Why did Camp Fire get rid of the flame in the logo?

We explored many new logo designs, both with and without a flame.  Our research confirmed that our new logo reinforced our traditional heritage and was also considered “hopeful”, “bright”, and “energetic.”


9.      What ideas is our new theme line, “Light the fire within”, supposed to reinforce?

It is meant to reinforce Camp Fire’s brand essence of helping youth “find their spark”.   In research, respondents felt that the line is “inspirational” and a “strong call to action”.  One person said “It makes me feel like I have potential to do anything.”


10.  I love the new Promise statement, but is it too long?

Our new Promise is meant to reinforce the key concepts that drive our movement.  Although Our Promise is longer than some people would prefer, we felt it was important to capture all of the ideas that define and distinguish Camp Fire.

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