Camp Wyandot Needs a Truck!

Camp Fire Brand Revitalization
October 31, 2012
Camp Wyandot is available to rent!
October 31, 2012

The truck we have been using at Camp Wyandot for years died on us this summer.  We are in search of a pickup truck, ATV, or even a tractor that we could use this winter for gathering fire wood, empting the trash, and for deliveries to the dining hall.  We could potential purchase a vehicle depending on the condition or price.  We could even rent a truck from someone who might not be using it for the next few months.  Donations can be used as a tax write-off since we are a non-profit.  If you have one you would like to donate or know of someone who could give us a great deal on a truck, please contact Lindsey Christ, Executive Director, at 614.774.6235 or

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