Camp Fire Clubs popular with kids of all ages!

Whole Foods Donates to Camp Fire USA
July 15, 2011
Camp Wyandot and Camp Otonwe Summer Camps
July 17, 2011

Many of Camp Fire’s club programs are going strong throughout the summer, and some will start up again in the fall.

Camp Fire clubs are for boys and girls. They emphasize group dynamics, building self esteem, child-led activities, nature and outdoor skills. Club activities are based on sound research and aim to focus on developmental assets.

Camp Fire clubs are for boys and girls from preschool through high school.If you are interested in joining a club in Central Ohio, or starting a new club for your child and his or her friends and neighbors, please visit our club page for more information. It is easy and fun to become a club leader, and the Camp Fire council office provides the necessary training and materials. Camp Fire clubs are one of the most affordable scouting clubs available, and allow flexibility for parents with more than one child.

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