Whole Foods Donates to Camp Fire USA

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May 20, 2011
Camp Fire Clubs popular with kids of all ages!
July 16, 2011

The Whole Foods on Lane Avenue moved into their new (temporary) location on July 5th. The new store is much smaller so they were not taking any of their food preparation equipment or their old freezers, refrigeration units or shelving with them. They reached out to area non-profits to see if they would want any of those items as donations. Camp Fire USA Central Ohio Council was able to obtain many useful items. Most of the items will be used at Camp Wyandot but a few pieces went to before and after school locations and our office. We received a commercial dishwasher and 3-door freezer, many shelving units, misc. kitchen items, chairs, and a meat slicer and stand mixer. Thank you whole foods for helping us out!

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