Camp Wyandot Praised in Media and by Health Department

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July 18, 2020
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August 20, 2020

Camp Wyandot has been the focus of a lot of attention this summer, as one of the few summer camps that was able to undertake the long-term planning for big changes, weather the financial challenges of a half-capacity camp, implement sanitation procedures, and make it through the nail-biting weeks waiting to find out if we would be allowed to operate after all.

We were featured in the Columbus Dispatch twice, once while we were waiting for word from the Governor, and again after operating for a few weeks.

Pre-camp Dispatch article

During camp Dispatch article

Camp also hosted local NBC affiliate WCMH, whose reporter interviewed camp staff and campers.

Channel 4 News Feature

We were pleased to receive positive attention, and proud of everyone who was interviewed.

We’ve certainly had our challenges this summer, with some parents canceling and other looking for a last-minute spot, eating in shifts in the dining hall, having two council fires each week, wiping down EVERYTHING all the time, and wearing masks when mixing with other cabin groups. Thanks to our experienced Director, Connie Coutellier, and our long relationship with the American Camp Association as an accredited camp, we had great guidance. Even the county health department told Connie we were doing an outstanding job.

We continue to be work closely with the health department as cases rise throughout the state. We are currently in session six of seven, and are hopeful we will be able to complete the summer, providing kids with a much-needed social experience outdoors.

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