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Are You Ready for a Great Summer?

Our camp is growing! We have an amazing, caring culture in a beautiful natural setting. We are hiring for additional staff to maintain our high standards for camper experiences.

Summer Overnight Camp Counselors
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Thank you for your interest in Camp Wyandot. Wyandot is a coed resident or overnight camp facility that was founded in 1928 and has been running continuously every summer since then.  Camp Wyandot is located in the midst of the Clear Creek State Nature Preserve within the Hocking Hills area of southern Ohio. Take a few minutes to view the pictures and video on the web site and read what parents say about their child’s experience.

The success of the program is, in large part, due to the quality of our staff members. Camp Wyandot has a very high return rate each summer, and many of our counselors were once in the Counselor in Training (CIT) program at camp. New staff add great ideas and energy and are welcomed by those that return each summer to work at Camp Wyandot.

Staff at Camp Wyandot are expected to attend pre-camp training before the camp season starts. The pre-camp training for the leadership team begins on Sunday,June 6th at 3:30 PM.  Regular staff join them on June 9th at 3:30 PM and pre-camp training ends on Friday, June 18 at 2:30 PM.  During the pre-camp training, staff stay at camp covering topics such as communication, team building, risk management, child development, camper behavior, and programming.  Camp has seven sessions beginning on Sunday June 20th  and ending with a closing/clean-up day on August 7th . See Dates and Rates on the Web site for more details on the program schedule.

Camp Wyandot is an inclusive, welcoming organization and responds to children with respect and consideration and treats all children equally regardless of sex, race, religion, or culture. Staff receive training to be responsive to the multi-cultural diversity of our society and do not seek to impose their own particular views. Campers are both male and female and generally range in age from 7 to 17 years old.

A typical week for camp staff begins with a Staff meeting at noon on Sunday. Campers arrive at camp with their parents between 3 and 4:30 PM and the campers settle into their living quarters for the session. The camp focuses on the outdoor experience and the facilities are comfortable but rustic. Cabins do not have electricity or running water.  There are bathroom and shower facilities a short walk from the cabins.  Staff sleep in cabins with their campers … typically six to eight campers …along cabin row. Across the lake older campers live on the hill in tebins or tree houses.

The campers and their counselor plan the activities they want to do together as a group during their stay.  Each day the staff accompanies their campers to three meals held in the dining hall, activities throughout the day, and evening activities ending with a closing council fire and candlelight serenade across Lake Atagahi on Friday and return home on Saturday morning.

What you can expect as a Wyandot staff member….

  • To have an experience you will never forget
  • To laugh more than you have in a long time
  • To work closely with others
  • To feel like your job never ends
  • To be the most important person in your campers’ camp life
  • To be doing things you wouldn’t normally do in public
  • To put the needs of your campers before your own
  • To make some mistakes
  • To feel pride the first time you teach a camper to do something new
  • To feel pride the first time you learn something from your campers
  • To wonder WHY you wanted to be a counselor in the first place
  • To watch your campers experience multiple life changing moments
  • To cry at the very last campfire
  • For your parents to ask you when you’re ever going to get a “real” summer job

What you should not expect…

  • To have a lot of privacy or alone time
  • To work a 9 to 5 job
  • To work as an individual instead of a team
  • To be on vacation
  • To have time to socialize with your friends
  • To have an “easy” summer job
  • To make a lot of money
  • To spend the summer in air-conditioning
  • To ever forget the summer(s) you spent working at Camp Wyandot

If you love the outdoors and want to make a positive difference for kids, Camp Wyandot may be the place for you! Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association, and is passionate about helping kids become caring, responsible individuals in a safe environment.

In June and July, Camp Wyandot is a smoke-free environment – except for campfires!  In October, 2019, Ohio passed a law that requires the age of 21 years in order to purchase and use tobacco products, including vape pens (same as Ohio law for alcohol use).  This policy will include all staff use of tobacco and nicotine products, as well as vapor and marijuana products, regardless of your age.  Please be aware of this policy and consider it carefully before you apply for a staff position.

All staff must believe in the values of Camp Wyandot, Inc. and be willing to uphold the camp’s goals, policies and standards. Employment is subject to a criminal history check, reference checks, and verification of eligibility to work in the United States. Camp Wyandot is an equal opportunity employer.

Working in an outdoor environment with children requires energy and enthusiasm. It is hard work, but it’s worth the effort. Staff have a couple of hours off each day and 24 hours off  between the time the campers leave on Saturday morning and they return for planning on Sunday with a brand new group of campers.

Most salaries range between $220 per week to $230 per week. The time for pre-camp Training is paid as one week. Salaries in a few key leadership/professional positions range between $230 and $260 per week. Salaries are for completion of the full season, including staff training. During the term of employment, all work days except approved break days, including staff training, are required.

Summer staff will have a 2 ½ day unpaid break in addition to the 24 hours off each weekend. This break is negotiated with the camp director and is dependent on camper registration. If additional staff are needed during these times a bonus will be paid to those requested to give up their break. Every effort will be made to accommodate college orientation or other special commitment/conflict a staff member has within these breaks.  However, if you have a specific date conflict during the employment period, please discuss this with the camp director prior to employment.

Other benefits include food and lodging in addition to salary, workers’ compensation and the opportunity to work in a beautiful outdoor setting in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. If you choose to apply for a staff position, you’ll leave camp with great memories, new skills, and friendships that last forever.

Please Note:  We recognize the knowledge that the covid-19 pandemic is evolving, and our dates and policies are subject to change.  We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt to the required Health Department, CDC, and American Camp Association guidelines.  As in the summer of 2020, Camp Wyandot leadership remains confident in our ability to provide a safe and fun environment for our campers and staff.