Camp Wyandot Overnight
Dates and Rates

*Please note: this reflects the grade campers will be starting this fall, not their current grade.

# Camp Wyandot 2019 Overnight Camp
7 Sessions Dates and Rates – Grades noted are in the fall
Regular Sessions 6½ Days
Arrival Time: Sunday, 3 to 4PM, Departure Time: Saturday 10 to 11AM
An amazingly fun week filled with a variety of activities, evening programs, outdoor adventures, new and old friends and lasting memories
1 June 16 – 22nd Grades 2nd – 12th $470
2 June 23 – 29th  CLOSED to 5, 6 & 7th graders* Grades 2nd – 12th $470
3 June 30 – July 6th Grades 2nd – 12th $470
4 July 7 – 13th Grades 2nd – 12th $470
5 July 14 – 20th Grades 2nd – 12th $470
6 July 21 – 27th Grades 2nd – 12th $470
7 July 28 – Aug. 3 Grades 2nd – 12th $470
Mini Trails Sessions 3 Days
Arrival Time: a-Sunday 3 to 4 PM; Departure Time: Wednesday-10AM & b-Wednesday 3 to 4 PM to Saturday-10 AM)
A shorter “try it” session for younger campers – Grades 2nd – 5th
1a June 16 – 19th $235 1b June 20 – 22nd $235
2a June 23 – 26th $235 2b June 26 – 29th $235
3a June 30 – July 3rd $235
4a July 7– 10th $235 4b July 10th – 13th $235
5a July 14 – 17th $235 5b July 17th – 20th $235
6a July 21 – 24th $235 6b July 24 – 27th $235
7a July 28 – 31st $235
Special Teen Sessions
Open to all teens but especially exciting for those returning campers that want to do something special in addition to all the regular activities
2c June 23 – June 29th 6½ days – Rover with a 2-night backpack trip Arrival Sunday, 3 to 4 PM to Saturday, 10 to 11 AM Grades 8th -12t $485
3c July 5 –14th 9 days – Voyager with a 3-night canoe trip
Arrival Friday, 10 AM; Departure Time: Saturday, 10 to 11 AM
Grades 9th – 12th $680
5c July 17 – 20th 3 nights – The Arts – music, crafts & photography Arrival Wednesday 4 PM to Friday, 10 to 11 AM Grades 7th – 10th $250
6c July 21 – 27th 6½ days – Rover with a 2-night backpack trip Arrival Sunday, 3 to 4 PM to Saturday, 10 to 11 AM Grades 8th – 12th $485
7b July 28 – Aug.3rd 6½ days Extreme Adventure with a two night backpack and rock adventure trip Arrival Sunday, 3 to 4 PM to Saturday, 10 to 11 AM Grades 9th – 12th $585
Family Celebration Camp 3 Nights
Join in a special family camp program in a cabin of your own. An assigned counselor will help with scheduling and leading activities. Includes Wyandot’s 4th of July Celebration.
3b July 3– 6th Family Camp Program (Children 3 yrs and under are free) Arrival Time: Wednesday, 7 PM; Departure Time: Saturday, 10 AM $65 ea.
$45 ea. (13 & under)
Counselor in Training Sessions Grades 11th – 12th
A leadership training course designed to build the confidence, knowledge and responsibility needed by those interested in camp counseling
Arrival Time: Sunday, 1 PM; Departure Time: Saturday, 11 AM to 12 PM
CIT 1 June 16 – July 10th (weekends off) $685
CIT 2 July 10th – Aug. 3rd (weekends off) $685
Plein Art Watercolor Workshop – Adults only
A relaxing adult event for workshop participants, commuters or those adults that just want to enjoy the beauty of Camp Wyandot.
8 Aug. 4-7th Workshop participants
Daily Commuter or non-workshop friend
Arrival time Sunday 4 PM; departure time Wednesday, 10 AM

*If the session you are interested in is closed, please contact the office ( for possible openings

For more information on the Plein Watercolor Workshop, please click here.

A nonrefundable deposit of $100.00 must be sent with your child’s registration or payment received in full.  The deposit is required to secure your child’s spot and in order to process the registration.  In order to retain the Early Bird Discount, full payment of the camp fee must be received in our office no later than April 15, 2019.

Cancellation Policy-Your $100.00 deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance will be refunded to those who notify us in writing at least fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of the camp session. No refunds will be made to those who cancel after this date. The balance for all registrations is due 14-days before the first day of that camp session.

Things to Remember

  • Early Bird Discount: $15 off registration fee or $10 off for short sessions if paid in full by April 15, 2019
  • Sibling Discount: $20 off for each additional sibling or $10 off for short sessions
  • Please pay attention to the drop off and pick up times for each session
  • If your child is attending more than one session of camp in a row, they must still be picked up at 10am on Saturday and brought back at 3pm on Sunday.
    We do not have accommodations for campers to stay over Saturday nights (with the exception of the Voyager Session)
  • Camperships: Limited payment assistance/camperships are available for both of our camps. Please contact the office for more information: Campership deadline is April 15, 2018