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June 24, 2012
Improvements at Camp Wyandot
July 27, 2012

Alumni of Tri-Village Camp Fire met recently at a party hosted by Stephanie Hummel Marks and Nikki Spretnak.  They sang songs, with gusto, shared photos, including those of Camp Fire floats in Upper Arlington parades, and told stories.  Not all memories were from the Columbus area.  Roanne Flom made her Camp Fire memories at Camp Seabow in Laytonville, California.  The Tri-Village area includes Upper Arlington, Grandview and Marble Cliff.  Hold an alumni party with people in your area, with your former Camp Fire group, with counselors from your decade, etc.  If you would like help arranging this, call the Camp Fire office at 614.774.6235.













Seated:  Anne Taylor, Janet Ciccone and Stephanie Marks
2nd row:  Nikki Spretnak, Connie Warren, Roanne Flom, Billie Halley and Leslie Radbill.
Dog:  Sandy

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