Improvements at Camp Wyandot

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July 26, 2012
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July 28, 2012

Along with the septic system upgrade, we have been making other improvements to camp with the help of various donations.  Before the start of camp, we replaced 4 cabin roofs with generous donations from JR Baker and Sons Roofing, Palmer Donovan, Jenne Roberts of the Huntington Bank who secure a donation of plywood from the Home Depot, and a financial contribution from Sally Dellinger and Nancy Wardwell. Thanks especially to Bard Baker for coordinating all the donations of materials and the installation of the roofs by a professional crew.  The end result was that the council only paid $800 and got 4 new roofs.


We also replaced the metal toilet/shower partitions in Alps with plastic composite partitions donated by Jayne Vandenburgh with Schooley Caldwell Associates from a remodel being done at Ohio State University.  Val Mitrione contributed financially to have the partitions picked up and delivered to camp (twice!) due to their bulk and weight.  Chuck and Chuck Jr. did a great job installing them.  We have extras to use when we start the remodel of Egypt.


We are grateful to all the volunteers and donors whose contributions to Camp Fire make our programs possible!

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