Our 2020 Silent Auction!

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October 14, 2020
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November 5, 2020

The 2020 Luncheon will be virtual, so will we have our Silent Auction?

YES! We will be doing an Online 2020 Silent Auction this year! Lisa Graham will handle it for Camp Wyandot. Many of you are already working on your donations, Lisa would love for the rest of you to be thinking about donating again this year.  Please email her at: LisaAGraham7094@gmail.com for donations

DEADLINE: for auction donations is October 24! We have worked out several drop-off locations around Franklin County and we have a volunteer that would be willing to pick-up items if you have trouble getting them to us. Let me know if you plan to donate and we can figure out the best way for you to send in your item(s).

We have had great success in the past with the following categories: Baby, Pets, Camp Wyandot, Camp Fire Heritage, Handmade Items, Art, Nature & Holiday. Since we pay per amount of items & each will have to be posted online, we would prefer 1 or 2 larger items per donation. If your items are smaller, please combine into one gift basket, or category item. We can always combine your smaller item(s) with other gifts as needed.

Start bidding now!

Instructions for bidding on items for the Camp Wyandot Silent Auction:

Click Here (this will take you to the auction page)

Click the green button on the left “View All Items”

The yellow banner at the top asks you to “login” or “create account”

If you want to bid you have to have a free account. So either click “login” (if you already have an account) or “create account” (if you need to create one).

Please note: this auction site keeps costs low so nonprofits can make money. Because of this, there are ads when you are bidding on or looking at the auction items.

Items will be added to the auction as they are received. You can look at the items as often as you would like to. If you want to bid you will have to create a free account. After you create an account you will receive updates when new items are added. You can also just donate to Camp Wyandot right from the silent auction page if you don’t see any auction items that you like.

Happy donating and bidding!

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