Our 2022 Luncheon Was Spectacular!

Camp Wyandot: The First Quarter Century
November 3, 2022
Camp Wyandot Calendars 2023
December 3, 2022
Camp Wyandot: The First Quarter Century
November 3, 2022
Camp Wyandot Calendars 2023
December 3, 2022

We thank all of you who attended in person or by zoom, and all of you who could not attend but
donated. Our net income from the event is $35,500. This far exceeds the income from any other
luncheon in our 18 year history.

We honored Marty Sweterlitsch, the attorney who has advised us on legal issues at no charge for the
past ten years, with awards and a standing ovation. We opened the program with a beautiful video shot
by Lewis Ulman of the road into camp. The video ran under a live performance by Jenny Morgan singing
one of her great songs, “Down a Winding Road.”

During the summer we asked our Camp Wyandot Community to tell us in one word, “What have you
taken with you from Camp Wyandot, to guide you and to inspire you in your life?” Brynn Schaefer
introduced a video animation of our words in action, forming a tree, with the words of the oldest among
us forming the roots and the youngest forming the leaves.

Finally, we honored Connie Coutellier who has told the board she will no longer serve as Camp Director
but will continue as Executive Director. There was a beautiful video of Connie sharing her “word,” a
standing ovation for Connie, and then we all joined in singing her camp song, “Woodsmoke.” The fire
ring in the Flats is now named the Woodsmoke Fire Ring in honor of Connie.

There is nothing like being together again in person. We hope those of you on the Zoom call enjoyed the
guests who came to talk to you. We had some technical glitches and all did not go as planned, but
Megan Gish, running the call, made it work.

Our Silent Auction sales were slightly below prior years, perhaps because donations were higher. We
thank Lisa Graham for once again taking on the huge task of organizing the auction.
For many year Lisa and Rob Graham also set up the memorabilia display in addition to the Silent
Auction, but this year we are pleased that Jenny Johnson handled the memorabilia and did a great job.
It was a family affair, with daughter Miranda Johnson handling the “Ask” at the close of our program.
I thank the excellent and very talented committee for never ceasing to make the event better, Megan
Gish, Brynn Schaefer, Lisa Graham and Connie Coutellier.

We can no longer hold the event at Villa Milano as they do not want small groups such as us. (Though
we think we’re pretty big!) We hope to hold the next luncheon on 11/4/23. If you have suggestions for
a venue, please contact me. The ideal venue would include: free, easy access parking, seating for 150,
room for memorabilia and the silent auction, a stage, and in-house AV system. We need the venue from
8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We are also seeking corporate sponsors, if you have any leads, please contact me.

Nikki Spretnak

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