Sad News: Passing of Millie Eckhart

Oct. Alumni Gathering: Group campfire!
September 28, 2019
Job Posting: Program/Officer Manager
October 15, 2019

We mourn the passing of Millie Eckhart on September 24, 2019.  While a student at North High School, Millie was a member of the legendary DeLoHa Horizon Club, made up of girls from several Camp Fire groups city wide. Our sources say DeLoHa stood for ten (Deca), Loyal and Happy, and the club lasted from from the 1940s to the 1960s!

Millie continued with Camp Fire and Camp Wyandot after she married by becoming a leader for her daughters Vickie and Alicia who were Bluebirds, Camp Fire Girls, and campers at day camp and Camp Wyandot.  As Alicia’s Camp Fire leader she took the girls to Camp Wyandot for winter camping, providing them with the same experience she had with the Daloha Club.  Husband Pete, a Camp Wilson alumni, became a Camp Fire father and served on our board of directors.  Both Pete and Millie loved their summer camp experience and made generous donations to Camp Wyandot to preserve camp for others.  The family’s keystone donation to the New Egypt campaign was one of the donations that allowed us to begin construction. 

Several of our alumni joined the family at Millie’s memorial service on September 28 singing the Law of Camp Fire to open the service, a song Vickie sang with her mother right up until the end.   

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