It is said that “The success of a camp program is, in large part, due to the quality of the staff.”  Camp Wyandot values their staff.  All are extensively screened, some are new and some have multiple years of experience as campers. They serve as positive role models for our campers.

Staff positions:

We have hired a new Camp Director: Welcome April!

Leadership Team:

Program Director
Work with the Camp Director and the Leadership team in the overall planning, management, and supervision of the Program (except Aquatic activities) to meet the goals, outcomes and values of Camp Wyandot.

Counselor in Training Director
Plan, organize, supervise and evaluate all aspects of the two year/6 week CIT program. Plan learning experiences, lessons, etc. in accordance with Wyandot program. Organize schedules, monitor CIT and cabin/program assignments daily and coordinate with other Leadership Team and counseling staff. Be alert to CIT’s needs and assist them with personal and/or health problems.

Health Supervisor
Assume responsibility for the implementation of the health-care policies and treatment procedures for dealing with reasonably anticipated illnesses and injuries. Establish and follow appropriate medical routines including recordkeeping, medication management consistent with scope and limits of the camp health-care services. Supervise health and cleanliness standards; work with camp director, leadership team and staff; and help provide adequate physical health conditions for all.

Counseling Staff:

Supervise and live with a small group of campers as they plan a week long quality experience to build competencies and create an inclusive, engaging and supportive environment. They teach a wide variety of outdoor activities and employ developmentally appropriate behavior management techniques that address the goals, outcomes and values Camp Wyandot and the ACA Standards.

Life Guards
Provide supervision of water activities including swimming, boating, “creeking”, any special aquatic events and assist in the management and care of the physical facilities in compliance with ACA Standards and health department regulations. Live with a cabin group and provide assistance to the counselor.


If you interested in a great summer with youth and a unique experience, please CLICK HERE for more details and an application to join Camp Wyandot as a staff member.