Spring Skills – Wyandot Explorers Prevail in the Rain

Register by May 3 and receive the Early Bird Discount for Camp!
April 30, 2014
Connect Kids to Camp – 52 Camperships Awarded – $15,049.50
May 28, 2014
Register by May 3 and receive the Early Bird Discount for Camp!
April 30, 2014
Connect Kids to Camp – 52 Camperships Awarded – $15,049.50
May 28, 2014
The rain during the annual Spring Skills, May 17 – 18, at Camp Wyandot, did not damper the spirits of the first generation of Wyandot Explorers!
cody shelters small

“Leo” building shelters with Wyandot Explorers.

Ben “Arktos” Seafros, former counselor and Camp Wyandot, Inc. Board Member, co-directed Spring Skills and reinforced the traditions of Camp Wyandot and the new call to council fire, Wy-an-dot!  Chanika “Moon” Svetvilas, Program Coordinator, introduced the new Wyandot Explorer traditions which included a new law and promise written by Christine Davidson with additional support from Ingrid Biery and Alice Hohl and the council fire lighting that included one lighter for each explorer category – Science and Environmental Exploration, Self-Exploration, Creative Exploration, and Community Exploration.


Sixty eight Wyandot Explorers, siblings, parents, and leaders attended and participated in learning archery taught by “Arktos,” fishing and orienteering taught by “Leo,” and canoeing/kayaking taught by “Flower.” They also took a nature hike, built nature shelters, revived the Camp Wyandot garden and planted oak tree saplings led by Executive Director Lindsey Christ and “Leo,” and made colorful headbands with Sara Schaefer.


Wyandot Explorer Award 2014

They sang their hearts out, and at council fire Wyandot Explorer Clubs each presented a skit about their year of activities filled with accomplishment, new awareness, humor, and song. Each Explorer member who has completed 3-5 activities in all four categories will receive a Wyandot Explorer Award annually designed by Logan Schmitt, a Columbus College of Art and Design student, and based on the compass rose and the four colors of the Camp Wyandot, Inc. logo.  Each color represents a different Explorer category – green: Science and Environmental Exploration, red: Self-Exploration, dark blue: Creative Exploration, and light blue: Community Exploration.  Special thanks to Jeanene “Jed” Dixon whose recent donation to the Wyandot Explorer Club program helped fund our new Explorer awards.


The clubs that attended Spring Skills included the Delaware Explorers, Eastmore Explorers, Excited Deer, Minions with Mustaches Who Do Stuff, Downtown Mega Club, Nature Trekkers and a new member of the Starry Sky Club.


Special thanks to all of our volunteers who made Spring Skills a success! –  Blade, Cheshire, Duwop, Huke, Jed, Khalessi, Mission, Pieces, Sparrow, and Twitch.


Wyandot Explorers Promise:

I promise to do my best to be fair and responsible and

To do my part to make the world a better place.

And to live by the Wyandot Law.


Wyandot Explorers Law:

I will strive to

Respect nature

Be honest, just and responsible for my actions and words

Be kind to others and help where I see need

Be courageous

Work hard and make healthy choices

Respect others and show gratitude to those who have helped me


Improve my mind so that I may reach my full potential; for myself, my family, my community, and my world.



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