Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Overview

A CIT (counselor in training) is a camper enrolled in a specialized leadership program which is designed to enhance skills in program activities, behavior management, risk management/safety awareness, communication, decision making, team building, and interdependency within a community.

The program aims to utilize this combination of skills to develop effective future leaders. A CIT should gain not only greater confidence and sense of accomplishment, but also a variety of skills and knowledge that will help them develop as competent leaders in all walks of life, not just a camp setting. The program accepts a limited number of applicants per session. Camp Wyandot reserves the right to conduct interviews and reference checks of applicants and reserves the right to deny applicants.


To provide the opportunity for young adults to learn the skills (outdoor, professional, safety, communication, and childcare skills) required to become responsible camp counselors through the use of guided sessions and hands on experience with counselors and campers.


This is a two year course with each session consisting of three and a half consecutive weeks of training at Camp Wyandot summer camp each year. First year CITs are rising 11th graders and live as a group in the Shawnee unit with the CIT Director.  Second year CITs are rising seniors and complete their 3 1/2 weeks of the course by living on Cabin Row in a cabin with a counselor and 5 or 6 campers doing a live-in training experience, assisting and learning the role of a counselor.  Since they have more responsibilities, their fee is lower.

2024 CIT Session Dates:

First and Second Year CITs can choose either of the following session dates:

CIT First Half: Sunday, June 16 to Wednesday, July 10 (weekends off)
CIT Second Half: Wednesday, July 10 to Saturday, August 3 (weekends off)


The program is for upcoming juniors and seniors in high school. Participants must be 16 – 18 years of age and/or have completed the tenth grade. Participants will be required to follow all the policies of Camp Wyandot and of the CIT program. Participants will be expected to participate fully in all aspects of camp life. CITs are role models for the younger campers and are therefore expected to adhere to higher standards. Participants must complete a CIT application packet and register as a camper.

Deadline to apply for 1st years is February 28.
Deadline to apply for 2nd years is February 28.


The First Year CIT fee is $790.  The Second Year CIT fee is $395.  See Dates and Rates for specific dates and more information.


At Camp Wyandot, the CIT experience is unique and rewarding. CITs, while still campers, are afforded additional liberties as well as given the burden of the increased responsibility that accompanies such privilege. Participants are expected to respect these freedoms as well as to embrace their new found responsibilities. The CIT program is a rigorous, multi-faceted course that works to educate the participants on all aspects of life at a resident camp. Although there are a plethora of activities, there are four main areas on which we focus.

1. Small Groups. At Wyandot, we work in small “family” groups. Typical cabin groups consist of about 6 campers and one counselor. This small group is the foundation of the Wyandot experience. The CIT program works to illustrate the benefits of this aspect of camp life, as well as to help the CIT to understand what they can do to optimize this dynamic.

2. Outdoor Living Skills. Camp Wyandot is an outdoor skills oriented summer camp, educating campers about nature and outdoor living skills (i.e. fire building/safety, knots, knife use/safety, etc.). Throughout the three week course, the CITs will be instructed not only on how to do these activities, but also on how to teach them. They will be given a chance to illustrate what they have learned by teaching some of these skills to campers, while being closely observed by a trained counselor.

3. Camp Counseling. As the name of the program suggests, we do focus heavily upon the child care aspect of working at a summer camp. Throughout the three and a half week program, there will be regular sessions which mirror the sessions our staff go through during their pre-camp training. The sessions focus on all manner of child care subjects, including behavior management, how to effectively treat homesickness, risk management, team building, and many others.

4. Inner Group Socialization. Although the CITs have an increased level of responsibility, we do not forget that they are still campers. Apart from the time they spend together during their training sessions, the CITs are given time each day to socialize together and do traditional camp activities as a group. Like the rest of our campers, they are given the task of choosing which activities they are most interested in, and our staff will facilitate their chosen activity.


Upon completion of the CIT program, participants will:

* Know a wide variety of outdoor skills and how to teach them.

* Have a greater understanding and respect for nature.

* Have an expansive knowledge of nature identification in the area.

* Have a wide variety of activities he/she can initiate on the spot.

* Understand the power of the small group dynamic, and have a working knowledge of how maximize its potential.

* Have a better understanding of the unique characteristics of campers in each different age bracket.

* Have a great respect for diversity and the benefits it can bring, especially in small group environments.

* Understand how to work to ensure that campers remain safe by looking critically at every activity and doing everything possible to eliminate risk.

* Understand the value of clear communication, as well as have a working knowledge of how to assist campers in opening up new dialogue to solve problems.

* Have a strong knowledge base for handling conflict.

* Have the tools necessary to help a homesick child realize the opportunity of summer camp.

* Have a greater knowledge of the day-to-day operations of a summer camp, as well as the responsibilities of the various roles people assume at camp.

* Have developed one-of-a-kind friendships that will last for the rest of his/her lifetime.

* Have come to understand what it means to help children be the best they can be, and to actually make a difference in the life of a child.

To Apply:

Completion of the CIT program increases your chances of being accepted for a paid counselor position in the future but there is no implied guarantee of future paid counselor positions. To apply as a first year CIT, please complete the First Year Application. Those who have participated as a first year CIT should complete the CIT Second Year Application.  After you are interviewed and formally offered a position as a CIT, you will be given a special link to complete the registration process and pay your deposit.


1st Year CIT Application
2nd Year CIT Application


Please contact the office if you have any further questions, 614.481.8227 or