Rave Reviews from Parents

When asked why they chose Camp Wyandot…

  • It’s a classic camp experience. It gets kids unplugged, out in nature, and exhausts them in the best way.
  • Camp Wyandot is the best camp around with a reasonable price and great, fun staff.
  • The comradery and the themes at camp are great. He can’t wait to come back next year!

How would you rate his/her experience at Camp Wyandot? 

  • She loved it…it’s all she talks about.
  • Camp is a great value, fun, informative and a great way to get the kids outside without them missing electronics. My kids came home wanting to stay and sleep outside! Oh, and they said the food was fantastic!
  • My daughter made new friends and was busy with a variety of activities. She is already talking about next year.
  • My son has been going so many years. He really enjoys seeing others from previous years every time he shows up for a new session!
  • First overnight experience. We did a mini session because I thought it would be a good intro. BEFORE camp, he was mad that it was only two nights and not a week. At the end of camp, he informed me he wants to go for two weeks next year! 😉 So much for needing an “intro!”
    He loves being outdoors, adventurous activities, being with friends… he had so much fun and didn’t stop talking about it for days!
  • You get to live other children and build friendships from all different background. You learn about nature cooking over open fire. I could go on and on. But I think I will stop there. I also like to mention that it gets the child away from electronics and get them outside and they get try stuff that they have never done before.

Please tell us your child’s favorite memory from camp.

  • My son liked creeking and finding different animals. He also thought kayaking was cool because it was something new that he learned.
  • She loved all the activities outdoors – she talks constantly about going to this camp. Love the counselors and the experience! Food was tremendous.
  • Not sure because when she shared her memories with us she started her sentences with, “There was this one time…”, and ended them with, “….and it was great”
  • The boys are in the middle school cabin, we’re allowed to stay up a bit later and play cards. He had a great time and I think it bonded the boys even more.
  • Our child loved all of the goofy songs and is still singing them constantly (thanks for that by the way, hehehe).
  • The other child liked gaga ball, fishing and swimming.

Would you recommend Camp Wyandot to a friend, please tell us why.

  • For 6 years we have had positive experiences. My kids have fun and learn new things and I appreciate the attention the staff gives to them and their needs. As a former camp director myself, I have high standards; Wyandot meets those expectations
  • My son came back home with so much confidence.  It was refreshing.
  • It’s a classic camp experience – activity-wise, accommodation-wise, etc. Everything I was looking for in an experience for him. It’s an inclusive environment that values people from all backgrounds.
  • Very well-run establishment with many opportunities for kids to learn and grow some on their own away from home and parents and have lessons and experiences they have never had before. Both kids are STILL talking about how they learned to cook over and open fire and the various kinds of insects, plants, etc. they learned about while creeking, hiking and the overnight camp out.
  • I love the no electronics rule and the fact that they are outside all day.
  • It’s been weeks since my boys were there and they are still talking about camp and the great counselors they had.
  • It represents something solid, unmaterialistic, simple and old-fashioned in an over the top modern high pressure world where kids can’t just be kids anymore.
  • It is safe, friendly, has plenty of great activity, the kids have say i
  • Rustic. No electronics. woodsy. Like an old school camp.
  • The experience is unmatched with the combination of tradition and new every year.
  • We have recommended Camp Wyandot to many friends. I love the nature and I think it’s important for kids to unplug and connect
  • It is run really well and they staff is really well trained. They have loads of fun each day with their cabins.
  • One full week without electronics is enough of a reason. However, I’ll add that I have peace of mind knowing my camper is in safe, caring, and capable hands while he learns about nature, independence, others, and himself. I’m grateful for the character building Camp Wyandot provides.