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Counselors have the skills to lead their campers in nature activities at Camp Wyandot.  Within this setting, campers will have the unique opportunity to learn about nature in a fun way that engages all their senses!

Camp Wyandot is a rustic camp where there is a real sense of living close to nature. Helping children feel comfortable and excited about being outdoors is a primary goal of the camp program. The nature program includes a progression from introduction to the outdoors to indepth knowledge and appreciation of the environment.



Campers enjoy exploring nature through a variety of hikes though Wyandot’s unique ecosystems including night hikes, quiet hikes, rain hikes, lunch hikes, and even bat hikes.  They can learn about the forest succession, walk through the layers of the forest, and find or identify animal homes.

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Campers find frogs by sight and sound and go fishing in Lake Atagahi and explore Clear Creek. Campers spend time in one of the many clean creeks within Camp Wyandot identifying the different critters. They can find many critters such as: Water Penny, Water Strider, Mayfly Nymphs, Beetle Larvae, Crayfish, to name a few.

The campers learn that by identifying the critters you can determine the quality of water by the tolerances of certain water life.

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Campers learn to identify the constellations and different stories about them. Constellations we see at camp include, but are not limited to: The Big Dipper/Ursa Major/Big Bear, Little Dipper/Ursa Minor/Little Bear, Cassiopea, Scorpion, Draco the Dragon, to name a few including The North Star.

Stories about the constellations are also shared to the fascination of the campers.

We also have a beautiful view of the Milky Way, Meteors, Satellites and an incredibly clear, unpolluted night sky!

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Camp Wyandot Nature Progression Program

The education program is designed to bring an awareness to campers, counselors and visitors of the incredible and unique natural area in and around Camp Wyandot. The areas addressed include sensory awareness games, camp improvement projects and activities involving the ecology and ecosystems, weather, camouflage, manmals, flowers and plants, birds, reptiles, insects, geology, trees, and some other favorite nature activities…

This is a very short list of over 40 activities JUST within the Nature Program itself. We feel strongly that our natural surroundings are our strength. Therefore, much of our focus has been placed on outdoor activities and education since the “hands-on” opportunity at Camp Wyandot is not something you can experience by reading books in a classroom!

Nature Emblem  – By the end of each week, every cabin should be able to earn an emblem which is presented to the campers at the Friday evening Council Fire. To earn an emblem each cabin unit must complete the minimum requirements for the level emblem you are trying to achieve. Remember, the goal is to learn about nature at Camp Wyandot at the level your cabin unit can absorb.

Emblem levels and descriptions

The Earth -The brown emblem is the least challenging emblem to earn. It is the “first” level in the progression and environmentally represents the foundation from which everything grows.

The Trees and Grass -The green emblem is the second of four progressions. It represents everything that grows from the Earth.

The Sky – The blue emblem is the third of four progressions and requires more time and effort. It represents the sky above which protects and waters the Trees, Grass and Earth.

The Sun – The gold emblem is the most challenging to earn and requires the most time and effort. It represents the life-giving light over all the Earth, Grass, Trees and Sky.